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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  August 29, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ocean city danger, hundreds of rip current dangers caused
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by hurricane danielle. tonight one man presumed drownedded and another storm is on the way. >> good evening everybody, i'm adam may. the let's take a live look outside right now, we're bracing for another stretch of very high temperatures. in fact, a code red heat alert was just declared for baltimore tomorrow. that means cooling centers will be open in the city. bernadette woods has been very busy updating the weather for us. >> high pressure is in control of our forecast. it's going to give us sunny skies but a lot of humidity is coming with it. big tricky forecast because it's all going to depend on
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earl. earl is now a category two hurricane. it's really intensifies. along the track it becomes a hurricane three our four hurricane. and the big question is how long does it come to the coast before it makes that turn. we'll have the complete forecast coming up shortly. just hours ago emergency responders called off their search for a missing swimmer in ocean city. rip currents from hurricane danielle led to hundreds of rescues over the weekend. salgado the father of a one- year-old, presumed drowned after jumping into the rip current prone waters with three friends saturday night when life guards were not on duty. for his girlfriend it is a nightmare vacation. >> so many things were running on my mind. thinking about, how am i going to now do this on my own, raise my child on my own.
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it's something that i never expected. >> reporter: hurricane danielle churning hundreds of miles away created the dangerous conditions. >> makes me not want to go in the water at all. >> reporter: life guards rescued 270 people saturday alone. >> swim when life guards are on duty. keep your feet on the sand until the life guard is on the sand. >> reporter: on sunday, some swimmers were surprised the beaches opened. >> i thought it was very dangerous. >> reporter: more dangers possible next weekend with hurricane earl headed north. crews will continue their search for delgado tomorrow. stay with wjz for instant updates on the forecast plus hurricane tracks, and a list of open cooling centers. we have breaking news out of baltimore county tonight, a woman stumbles upon a dead body
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on her dundock neighborhood. the gruesome discovery made on burshire road. police say the body is so decomposed they can't tell if it's a female or male or the age. they believe the body had been there for a week. tonight, a man is in critical condition after an officer shot him. >> reporter: the man who pointed his gun at the officer is now likely to die. >> oh my god, an assault rifle. wow, i'm shocked, in this neighborhood? >> reporter: just around the corner. >> wow. >> reporter: on this west baltimore street, police showed
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up for a 911 call but police ended up shooting his gun. lucas took out a gun and aimed it at officers. >> the suspect does not obey the verbal command, he is shot multiple times on the body. >> i'm not that surprised, police shooting people. they're going to come and do it again, shoot another person. >> reporter: both men have handgun violations among other arrests in the past. >> there are no strangers to the system and no stranger to law enforcement. >> reporter: grant was carrying a handgun but they haven't found it yet. lucas is not expected to survive. homicide is now investigating the shooting. >> this is a military style weapon. it's an assault rifle, as soon as he pulled the gun on the officer he left us no choice. >> reporter: lucas did not fire the assault rifle, so the officer has not been hurt and
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he has been placed on paid leave as is routine. kelly mcpherson. >> reporter: grant has not been charged with anything tonight. a two alarm fire leaves a baltimore county family without their home tonight. firefighters say that no one was hurt luckily when the flames broke out on kingsville. crews had to shuttle water from a pond near the development because there are no fire hydrants in that neighborhood. officials are still looking into the cause, no one was hurt. hurricane katrina slammed into new orleans. today the city paused to remember the dead and observe the progress that is being made. manuel gallegos reports for wjz tonight from new orleans. >> reporter: bells tolled and the city paused to remember the
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1836 lives taken by hurricane katrina across the gulf five years ago. today mourners agreed it was turn to bury that old girl katrina and their grief with her. >> put away all the memories. put away all the memory, start anew. >> reporter: but the memories of the storm's fury are still all over the city. from overgrown lots and the 50,000 homes that still stand vacant. president obama assured a crowd at louisiana's xavier university that rebuilding is still a priority. >> my administration is still going to stands with you and fight alongside you until the job is done. >> reporter: the tourists who were here this rainy summer weekend have certainly put katrina behind them. it was standing room only at historic preservation hall. five years later most of the
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fellow artists are back. >> the musicians who experienced katrina that have returned to new orleans are playing the music with more passion and more devotion than they've ever played with before. >> reporter: but many older musicians who relocated after katrina have not returned and new arrivals are taking their places. part of the changing landscape of this historic city. in new orleans, manuel gallegos. and the levee system that could with stand another storm will be in place by next summer. cargil meat is recalling hundreds of pounds of meat. the bj store on wholesale club in baltimore did receive that affected product. the packages have a freeze by date of july 1, 2010. for more information you can
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log on to our website here in baltimore, the fore closure numbers are a little more encouraging. why some experts think that now is a great time to buy here. >> reporter: sold signs aren't as common as a few years ago, in recent months the housing market has grown worse across the country. >> the for sale signs you see are there for a while. >> reporter: a federal report shows the sale of new homes fell 2.4% from july of last year. the lowest number since 1963. >> we're going to see more foreclosures come on the market. for short sales, more distressed properties as our employment numbers contend to be stagnant. >> reporter: on the bright side, sherry harris says baltimore is fairing much better. >> the things that are realistically priced and look great, they are moving. >> reporter: as national sales plunged, baltimore city sales
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plunged 4% from one year ago. one of the reasons baltimore hasn't dipped as much is because of the steady rate of people moving here for universities like hopkins. as real estate websites are full of new properties and with fha home loans at 4.25% experts say now is the time to buy. >> right now, it doesn't get better than it is right now. >> reporter: and she warns not to look at economic outlooks as buying a home is a personal decision. >> buyers have to look at their own situation and decide whether it's a good time to buy for them. >> another big reason for the
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dip of home sales is the expiration of the home sales credit. part of the bay bridge is closed right now for repairs. one lane of the east span shut down, the entire eastbound span is going to close from mid- night to 5:00 tomorrow morning. the closures will force traffic on the westbound span. coming up on eyewitness news tonight, a 13-year-old dead at indy speed way. how the tragic accident happened. a girl plummets 20 stories from a high rise. who's facing charges in the case. and flames seen flairing at the airport. and i'm meteorologist bernadette woods, the heat is returning to maryland and we also need to talk about hurricane earl. all of that coming up on your
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and a 13-year-old motorcycle racer dies in a horrible accident. it happened today at the indianapolis motor speedway. he crashed and was run over by
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another motorcyclists. both the bikes were probably going around 90 miles per hour. police filed charges after a teenager falls 20 stories to her death from a manhattan high rise apartment. 17-year-old nicole john the daughter of the u.s. embassador to thailand fell to her death. the man who rented the apartment is now facing charges of providing alcohol to a minor. flames were seen coming out of an engine of a plane when i was landing in washington, d.c. that -- that plane was coming in from charlotte north carolina. by the time firefighters arrived there were no planes. no one on that plane was hurt but the investigation continues. there's a new opportunity to own a fighter jet, kind of like the ones you might have seen in the movies. this one is for sale for $175,000. the owners say they are willing
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to get rid of the jet for substantially less than their asking price. at over $5 a gallon for fuel, for people can afford to feed it because it blows through 100- gallons of fuel per minute. that's $500 of fuel a minute. tim williams. >> reporter: five, 10 or 25- cents to park, $1 to park. >> first of all they give you a choice of different coins and secondly, we can park on saturday without being charged. >> but the times on meters, they are achanging to make room for -- >> # five additional easy park
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multi space parking meters which we will place in several areas of city. >> reporter: the board has just voted to spend $185,000 to 6,000 of digital monday through sunday digital meters. according to the city, some benefits include -- >> you can use a credit card to pay for parking. you get a receipt with them. especially if you're parking for business purposes. >> reporter: also because you can use the same receipt in various locations until it expires and about 10 to 15% more cars can park in each block. they are reported to be a favorite for merchants. one advantage of this new system, through it's wireless transmitters it can alert the city when the meter needs maintenance, when coins need to
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be emptied. the new machines will replace to old ones pretty much immediately. if you were in downtown baltimore, you probably saw some folks walking around in costumes you probably don't see around the city. hundreds of comic fans came to the comic con festival. the show features famous coming book creators. the event was for people of all ages. and in fact, my 1-year-old son ended up down there in a super man cape. >> he had his cape on. >> he did have his cape on. >> he participated in. >> yes he did, we should have got him in that video. it was a very hot day and it's going to get worse tomorrow. >> the humidity will start to build. then we'll be talking about earl after that. a lot of kids are headed back to school tomorrow. and it is going to be hot. today though we topped out at
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91 degrees. now this is the 50th time this year we've hit 90 degrees or higher. the record for that is 54 days and we could break that this week. tonight is pretty comfortable out there, 79 in dc and 72 at the ocean. but air quality alert is in effect for tomorrow and is a really good chance that it's going to be extended a couple of days because of the heat that's going to build. high pressure is in control and it's really calms up the jet stream. so all the cool air is to the north and all of the heat is allowed to build. in addition to that, we're going to have a lot of sunshine out there too. so a great day to go to the beach, just remember the rip tide is very high. high pressure in control tomorrow. tuesday and even into wednesday but all the while, the things we're going to notice, the temperatures back in the upper 90s. after that, that's when things get a little tricky here. and it all depends on earl. earl is now up to a category
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two hurricane. since early today, it has intensified very quickly to a category two. winds are 98 miles per hour and it's making it's way west- northwest at 15 miles per hour. i purposely delayed this because i want to track this with you. notice how as it makes it's way to the coast it intensifies to a category three hurricane. this is something a couple of days out but something we have to track out very closely. this is the time frame from wednesday night into friday that we're going to be most concerned on. so we'll keep you updated on that in the next couple of days. winds are still 90 miles per hour but it's racing off to the northeast. away from the united states. our waters are much quieter, and it's going to be quiet one out there tonight. 62 for the low, tomorrow here comes that heat. we are up to 97 degrees, on
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>> the orioles on a great hot streak right now. >> slowly but surely coming to an end to why not go out with a bang and get ready for next year. all it takes to beat a team is to be one better than the other team and that's all it took. julio lugo got hit but it's not considered to be a serious
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injury. here's the throw as bell slides around catcher mike napali. he was safe but the umpire says you're out. you be the judge. do the right thing and rule this man safe. see for yourself. rip around, touch, now the catcher makes the tag. bad call. jeremy guthrie gets a complete game shut out. and the orioles sweep the angels in three. >> two guys pitched well, then three guys pitched well and now we have the whole rotation pitching well. that's important for us going into the end of season. hopefully we can finish strong, have a good september and get prepared for 2011. >> we'll see. the relative calm before the storm of the regular season begins september 15 at the new york jets. yet the ravens opened up a can
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of preseason whopping. and keeping a 1-2 giants game in check. good effort on both sides of the ball bringing very great results. >> i think for us it was something we wanted to emphasize going into this game. we wanted to emphasize throwing the ball and getting into a good rhythm. >> i just felt we played the way we were supposed to play in the preseason. we will watch the tape and work to improve that in the season. >> reporter: injury wise, stallworth out with a broken foot for three months. mark clayton the same, a concussion. we'll update you tomorrow on how he's doing. exhibition play tonight in denver. lots of wiggle room to mike wallis. he had three catches for 69 yards. leftwich or dixon is going to
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start the season. did you see that helmet up in the air, that was jane perrier. helmets flying, somebody must not be playing right. steelers losing to the broncos 34-17. >> that's sports. that's all we have. still to come, red carpet ,,
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televisions hottest celebrities graced the red carpet tonight. lynch took best supporting actress. the daily show won its eighth emmy award. that victory kept conan o'brien from claiming an award. close to 400 weaner dogs faced off in the 14th annual weinershnitzel national. the dogs had to run 4 yards to qualify. the quickest dog goes to the national ,,,,,,,,
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